Information for new clients and those already being followed in Cabinet Neolys

For Marie Bovet:

Days at Neolys in Montreux: Tuesdays

Days of presence at Espace Neptune in Vevey: Mondays-Wednesdays.

For reasons of follow-up quality, Marie Bovet cannot accept any new patients.

Patients who have already been seen can make a new appointment directly by SMS to 076 220 43 90 (online appointments are temporarily unavailable).


For Julie Bovet:
Julie is still seeing new patients.
Please contact her by phone 076 221 97 92 or email or book an appointment directly online.

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MARIE BOVET - Psychologist FSP, Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Dietician
JULIE BOVET - Registered Dietician, Certified Hypnotherapist, Dancer-Therapist

Treat yourself to the accompaniment that will radically boost your life !

Our speciality is to combine the latest scientific information, proven practical techniques and natural supplements such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, probiotics, scent sticks.

30 ans
I tried hypnosis with Marie Bovet in order to evolve my eating disorder and it really helped me a lot!
51 ans
I tested nutrition with Julie Bovet. I was received in a friendly atmosphere and listened to very carefully. Julie was able to reassure me about a lot of things that I had doubts about, which helped me to completely let go after the session.
46 ans
I am happy, Marie Bovet was able to find the words to refocus me and find solutions in line with who I am.
27 ans
A big thank you to Julie Bovet for her practical advice concerning my premenstrual syndrome, I was able to easily apply it in my daily life. A professional approach, and on top of that, Julie is very friendly!
23 ans
I felt totally at ease with Julie Bovet when I talked to her about my lifestyle and my complexes. We found solutions together and today I feel better in my body and my head, thank you!

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