Dance and movement therapy

Julie Bovet

Dance and movement therapy sessions are complementary to nutrition and psychology consultations, or are practiced independently of them, alone, in couples or in small groups.

This body practice works on different levels. For more information, download the brochure.

Music, objects such as tissues and strings/twines, expression through writing and drawing are all part of the dance and movement therapy.

Depending on the request, the session may include a hypnosis component to make the session even more effective.

Who is it for ?

For all teenagers from 13 years old, adults and seniors wishing to improve their relationship with their body and with others, on different levels: relational, physical, cognitive and emotional.

I can help you with the following topics :

100 CHF/hour

Reduced price
80 CHF/hour for schoolchildren/students, people on disability insurance and old-age pension insurance

Appointments cancelled on the same day will be charged 50 chf

Payment method
TWINT or cash


between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours

(agreed in advance)


Consultations take place at the Neolys office.