Marie Bovet

The psychology or coaching session is a special moment, especially for you. You will be listened to and supported, in complete confidentiality. Empathy, authenticity, acceptance and non-judgment are my core values. Psychological and physical health are intrinsically linked and the therapy takes into account both the mind and the body (holistic therapy).

Depending on the request, the session can include a part of hypnosis.

Who is it for?

For all teenagers from 13 years old, adults and seniors affected by mental and/or physical health and all people wishing to achieve personal development.

I can help you with the following topics:

Reimbursement by the basic insurance (LAMal)

I am a qualified dietician, the consultations of psycho-nutrition or psychology (and hypnosis within the framework of the follow-up) are reimbursed on presentation of a dietetic prescription filled by your doctor.

You can find the link to download the dietetic prescription HERE.

Payment method
On invoice, sent directly to your insurance company

Reimbursement by complementary insurance

I am a FSP psychologist, the psychology/coaching consultations (and hypnosis in the framework of follow-up) are reimbursed by your complementary insurance, depending on the type of contract chosen. Ask your insurance company for a definitive answer about the reimbursement of consultations. Assura and Groupe Mutuel generally reimburse sessions well.

Payment method
TWINT or cash

Private consultations (without insurance)

160 CHF/hour

Reduced price
130 CHF/hour for schoolchildren/students, people on disability insurance and old-age pension insurance

Payment method
TWINT, cash or bank transfer

Any appointment missed or not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged at CHF 100.


generally 1h

(agreed in advance)


Consultations can take place at the Neolys office, by phone or online.